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2008 August | Roger Davies

Roger Davies

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Entries for August, 2008

URL Rewriting to Make Your URLs Search Engine Friendly and Domain Forwarding

I’ve often read SEO articles or people mention URL rewriting to make URLs search engine friendly. But found myself questioning it’s value because search engines seem fairly smart. I’ve noticed that the vast majority will find a pages’ content (even a dynamic page) if there is some kind of link which includes the [...]

Retro Video Games Review : Doom

Does Doom deserve all the acknowledgement it usually gets for being an important piece of video game history?
Into the Unknown
The truth is, Doom posed a very real dilemma for innocent gamers. Until now, video games had been largely tame, pixel-busting blocks and friendly characeters. Suddenly, here was a dark and evil game where [...]

Retro Video Games Review Blog – Retro Games & The X Factor

So many people ‘review’ games; rate them by their graphical brilliance, sound quality, game play or attention to detail, confident that these qualities all make up a good game. Every review you will have read uses some kind of scale or yard stick to try and measure certain qualities about a game.
Retro Game X [...]

Don’t ISP On My Leg & Tell Me It’s Raining – Virgin on the Ridiculous

Okay, so this might border on being a rant, but it’s more like musings. Late last night I noticed I couldn’t get any access to my site www.rogerdavies.eu or roger-davies.net. But what I found puzzling was that other people kept telling me they could access my site fine. So it was something [...]

Embedding Googlemaps (and into Blogs?)

The idea of being able to add an interactive Google map to a web page might seem complex, but Google have (as always) helped us out. All you need to do is sign up using your Google account and Google will give you an API key that is unique to your site. Then [...]

Google Baiting … Crawl on Your Hands and FTPs!

Last Sunday I was searching for ingredients for the spells in a classic 80’s computer came from Bulldog named Feud, released on almost every home computer platform that mattered.
I was searching until I noticed something odd… If you do a Google search for “sprites snapdragons toadflax devilsbit” (some of the ingredients in the game), the [...]

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