So many people ‘review’ games; rate them by their graphical brilliance, sound quality, game play or attention to detail, confident that these qualities all make up a good game. Every review you will have read uses some kind of scale or yard stick to try and measure certain qualities about a game.

Retro Game X Factor

BUT there is one yard stick that transcends all of these. The test of time. This retro gaming blog looks back on some of the classics for their buddha nature. Never mind how they looked, sounded or even played.

The X Factor for a game is it’s ability to entertain in ways which are not easily expressed, nor understood at the time. It is the factor which drives you to download an emulator for some of yesteryears games and still fondly spend an hour in the afternoon playing, despite knowing that the games are technologically inferior.

You don’t know why. But something about the game clearly survived long after the hardware of the machine it was written for is resigned to the digital graveyard

Universally Loved Retro Games

I’m sure the reader already has an idea of some games that bring back fond memories. But some of these games are more universally loved than others. Why? While everyone has unique tastes, there were clearly some retro games from the late 80’s and early 90’s that were fairly universally loved

Multi Platformed

There will be no boundaries for this blog, that all games are up for question. The golden age for gaming was clearly in the late 80’s early 90’s, but will not be limited exclusively to any particular period, machine, chip set or platform. This is not so much a retro review blog, but the eulogy of video games worthy of valhalla!

Objectives of this blog

While on the surface, appearing like another retro blog, I can promise something entirely different. I will try my best to articulate – in my view – the qualities that helped give the retro game it’s X Factor, get under the surface and explain what separated these particular games from their competitors. Not graphics, sound or any bullshit like that. Not even gameplay (per se). But that unique value that kept us playing all these years.

I invite you to join me in – what I feel certain – will be a fairly unique trip down memory lane