Well, breaking the cloud of serious political debate in the blog, I may have the urge to post something that may well prove to be even more universally deplored. Some classic chip tunes from some of the greats – Adam Gilmore, David Whittaker, Rob Hubbard and some of the great computer music from a golden age for home computers. I have available to download some mp3s of some of my very favourite chip tunes. (Well, except Alex Kidd that was really put here for a friend!)

Pokey Soundchip

This soundchip was used in the Atari 800/320 XL/XE Series in the 80s and is (in my mind) the most sexy of all chips, perhaps only closely rivalled by the Commadores’ SID chip. It has wonderful arpeggios and a wonderful range from punchy bass to some excellent treble sounds ranging from sawtooth stuf to more smooth sine wave sounds. Here is a random assortment of some of my favourite songs from childhood:

Commadore 64 Sid Chip

Some Commadores SID chip was one of the most awesome. This three-channel wonder had almost everything you could want from a mini-synth. I could write a whole website about the great C64 SID artists and tunes here (actually most were the same names as the Atari). Well … here is the first few top tunes I was able to find in my Winamp playlist:

Atari ST/STe’s YM-2149 Chip

Now, I admit I do like this one, despite the fact in many ways less flexible than both the SID and the Pokey. In my mind it was almost a step back from Atari when the YM-2149 featured in Atari’s ST and STE . But, this chip does have something that no others ever did – a wonderful dirty gritty, boomy-crunchy sound (I think thats the technical term). Here are some good ones I remember.

Well, these next few may seem a little out of place because the sound chips that went into most of the computer consoles behaved very differently (in terms of how they loaded the music data and played them back). But what the hell … here are some of SEGAs good tunes that I am particularly fond of:

A couple from the Mega Drive/Genesis’ SN76489 chip: