I just wanted to say sorry to everyone and anyone for any offence or bitter aftertaste my last entry may have left. When a person or group of people are attacked physically or verbally, they have a right to defend themselves in the appropriate manner. This is reflected both in religious law (an ‘eye for an eye’ Ex 21:23-25, Lv 24:18-20, Dt 19:21) and also in the secular laws we base our society on.

I defend to the death any persons right to speak their mind – even if I don’t necessarily agree with them. But when someone in a high position of authority issues this kind of statement to his followers, he is effectively declaring war between his people and this vulnerable minority group. These words will be heard by millions and will directly cause suffering, bullying and death to many. But this is not a reflection of how I feel about all religions, or all Christians. Just some poorly chosen and outdated words and ideas at Christmas by a well-meaning leader.

Our society is not based upon the rule of nature and survival of the fittest – but quite the opposite. This is the default programming of all animals and basic instincts. But as humans we have been chosen – whether by divine creation – or the result of an evolutionary program – to rise above and set new rules that seek to protect even the weakest among us. Those with learning difficulties are offered extra help to find their niche in society. That a crime committed against a person can be punished by the state on behalf of that person.

These rules help us work together – to build planes and rockets that defy our own physical limitations, computers and Internet that allow us to share and debate complex and abstract ideas in a matter of moments! None of these achievements would have been possible if we had said “If Man was meant to fly, God would have given him wings, we will not build flying machines because it goes against nature”

I believe that to set these rules, to seek to create a fair and equal society and to continually push ourselves beyond our basic limitations, and break free of the constraints that nature would impose on us, is the very essence of what it means to be human!

But it was never my intention to trample anyone’s beliefs over the holidays, and for this I am sorry for anyone I may have upset in the process of trying to make my point.