As George W Bush gets into the helicopter to leave at Obamas inauguration, a small cheer goes up from the crowd! I can’t help reflecting on what mission this man claims to have accomplished in his eight years? As someone who noticed the nature of the beast early, and opposed the Iraq war since it was announced at the start of 2003, I feel some kind of legitimate claim to objectively argue each achievement of the Bush legacy.

He exits his second term leaving America with a record $1 trillion budget deficit, two unfinished and unwinnable wars, Guantanamo prison where people can be sent without trial, the haunting spectre of sleeping while on duty during Hurricane Katrina and September 11th, and leaving Americas international reputation in tatters to name but a few mantric lines from his governmental epitaph.

The Greatest Bush Legacy Of All

Perhaps the most outstanding achievement in the eulogy of the bush legacy was that he did SUCH a poor job that he himself became a major architect in the election of Barack Obama. The achievement of this in itself cannot be overstated. It is easy to devise a heuristic for winning, but playing to lose — and doing itthis well consistently on all fronts is something only a true genius or an idiot of the highest order could accomplish.. By the end of his term, he almost stood for everything that America wasn’t – callous disregard for human rights, isolationist politics, racial inequality, religious fascism and fanaticism. The international reaction to Barack being elected shows to what extend idiocy is independant of culture.

Truth Elasticity of The Bush Legacy

Now he must retire to write his memoirs and establish his place in history as is the tradition with ex-presidents. Using this time to carefully embellish the truth just enough for future generations to have rose-tinted vista. But truth can only be stretched so far, and Bush may as well write the next Harry Potter novel for all the truth it is likely to contain and how influential is likely to be on his place in history. His is definitely one I will be buying, for comedy value. Any person who struggled with English this badly – and lost so often – will make an interesting Author.

Sorry Mr Bush, I suppose I am being a little cruel. Please let me close by saying I take some comfort from knowing you are likely to die before I will.