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2009 February | Roger Davies

Roger Davies

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Entries for February, 2009

Barack Obama, the Exposure of Racist Elements of the GOP, the Identity and Rebirth of Republicanism and Shift of Political Tide for America

It’s been no secret that I think Obama is awesome… I’ve been watching this guy carefully since his inauguration in day zero, and I’m not ashamed to say I admire his tireless energy, drive and dedication to the ideals he promised us. True, his approval has slipped very slightly in recent times according to a [...]

UK Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas Multiplayer Server (SAMP) by Roger Davies Goes Online at rogerdavies.org.uk

New UK Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas Multiplayer Server by Roger Davies
Well, I’m pleased to announce that after replacing a duff router, I’ve finally setup and host a UK GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Server (SAMP) at rogerdavies.org.uk which has live status updates on the server, a forum for discussion on any problems, suggestions or [...]

PHP Script to Export SQL Data As a CSV File, Import CSV File Into An SQL Database

Here is a bit of PHP scripting hocus pocus that will be very useful to some people and very useless to the vast majority. I wrote it before realising that what I wanted to do could be more easily done from phpMyAdmin, but think it still may benefit someone.
Browse Table Structures, Export SQL Data [...]

Encoding an HTML Document for Multiple Languages, Unicode UTF-8 charset, Maximum Compatibility with Asian Languages, Browsers, Hello in 30 Languages

See Also: Hello in 30 languages » Complete List of Character Sets »
Encoding an HTML Document for Unicode or Multiple Languages
In 1998 I began experimenting with different languages both on the Web and in documents/applications stored on the PC itself. Back then it was literally impossible to ensure a document displayed all languages on [...]

Onsen 温泉, Sentou 銭湯 in SakuraJima 桜島, Hakone ç®±æ ¹, Kyoto 京都, Minakami 水上, Hotsprings and Bathing in Japan

Bathing in Japan – Hotsprings
One of my favourite aspects of Japanese life is how seriously they take bathing in Japan. To Westerners it is simply a means to an end – if it were possible to get clean quickly without bathing or showering I bet more than 50% of all Britons would give up showers [...]


Logical dance rhythms,
Like rhymes from a poets notebook,
Rules that describe the format,
Behaviour that defines life,
What more are you than a collection of beliefs?
Physical form is temporary
Except for our immortal influence on
The giant program which we are all a part.

New Beginnings – Progressive Drum and Bass / Trance Song With Added Lyrics

More than a year after moving to the great city of Manchester, this progressive drum and bass / trance song was originally written by housemate and myself. At the time we called it ‘New Beginnings’.
It seems strange and fitting that I should dust it off a year later, re-engineer it the way [...]


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