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2009 April | Roger Davies

Roger Davies

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Entries for April, 2009

Group Context Social Networking – A New Concept of Targeting Appropriate Information to Groups on the Internet, Suggested Syntax, How it Might Be Achieved

Group Context Social Networking – Connections of People
The truth splits my skull like an ancient Japanese Koan overloads logical thought – a DoS attack on the mind, designed specifically to engage, overwhelm and suppress the natural mental processes. It feels at once like the freedom of flight while chewing on a gobstopper made of [...]

Music – Parallel Lines

Music by Roger Davies

Music – Stranger Than Fiction

Music by Roger Davies

Music – Sanctimonious Kleptocracy

Music by Roger Davies

Music – Jump!

Music by Roger Davies

Dragons Breath / Dragon Lord Video Game for Atari ST by Palace Software, Review, Download, Dragons Breath Video and Spells

In my neglected retro video games review section, I have a rare treat I’ve been meaning to post for some time. Dragons Breath ( A.K.A Dragon Lord) existed for a brief period early in 1990 for the Atari ST, PC and AMIGA machines, written by Palace Software who declared bankruptcy later that year. [...]

The Evolution and Conflict of Ideas – Web 2.0, User Experience and the Future of The Internet

The Evolution of The Internet – Evolution & Conflict of Ideas
I recall with fondness buying my first 14.4Kbps modem in the early 90’s and using my fathers Compuserve account to run up massive bills speaking to random strangers from across the globe in chat rooms. What a neat experience! But the Internet was [...]

Intelligent SPAM Protection for Wordpress, Identifying Spam email Addresses, Confusing Spambots in phpBB 3 by Redirecting to a Web Page of Infinite Size

Captcha SPAM Protection for Wordpress
Spam is always a problem, no matter who you are. I should quickly say that I have nothing against people promoting their sites, or companies making people aware of special offers or products. No, the kind of spam I refuse to tolerate, is porn advertising, Viagra pills. There [...]

Identify Unknown File Types, Files Without File Extentions with this Online File Identification Service

Identify Unknown File Types and Files Without Extensions
Occasionally I’ve stumbled upon unknown file types, or files without the correct file extension. There are quite a few neat tools out there to help identify your file by looking at the patterns in the data, but most require you to download and install software.
Online File Identification Service
I [...]


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