Identify Unknown File Types and Files Without Extensions

Occasionally I’ve stumbled upon unknown file types, or files without the correct file extension. There are quite a few neat tools out there to help identify your file by looking at the patterns in the data, but most require you to download and install software.

Online File Identification Service

I have not yet seen anyone do this through the web, so I thought it would be neat to offer this online file identification service. Simply choose your file and upload it, and this script will tell you what format it is – reguardless of the file extension (or even if it has none!).

Current limitations : The maximum size of file this script accepts is around 16 meg. Some of the more obscure file types it may not be able to detect (but they would have to be very obscure!)

Try it! Rename a file you have, remove the file extension of one you know, or pick an unknown file and see if I can guess what it is!