We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal.

These are among my favourite, most powerful English words! Say them in the right order and they are almost as powerful as reciting the nam myo-ho renge kyo‘ (南無妙法蓮華経) lines of the Lotus Sutra in Japanese. Reality itself begins to crack under the intense focus and shatter to reveal an absolute truth that goes beyond the walls of our physical prison. It is a prison we cannot see, that occupies our mind and senses. By simply being aware of the fleshly bars within our mind, we have already taken the first step.

And prison is perhaps a fitting ideogram: We use ‘Law‘ to keep people playing nicely together, apply it as the heuristic which determines who should and should not be placed in prison for inappropriate actions. For ‘law’ to have any value, it needs to be applied equally to all people. Equally, people need to believe in the rules that provide this system in order for it to work.

Judges will use previous cases to set precedence for a trial, that – if a similar case has come before a judge – this judge must demonstrate the integrity and the consistency of the system itself by issuing a punishment equal to that which others have received. In fact, our very symbol, ‘Lady Justice‘ comes from the idea of equality (scales) and blindness of senses and desires (the blindfold) and punishment (the sword).

If the MPs go unpunished, for what is – by definition – clearly benefit fraud, then our very system itself will take a hit so disastrous that it risks simply falling apart in years to come. It won’t happen right away, it will be like receiving a fatal bite from a very poisonous snake, and will take a little time for the real symptoms to begin to show. In fact – the beginning murmers can already be heard.

It will start when people shout in court: ‘this judge has no right to punish me for the same benefit fraud my leaders were allowed to commit‘. When people gather in greater numbers outside courtrooms, to protest a system that that does not promote order and ‘fairness’ but has simply become a tool of oppression to keep the lower classes down and to take away their rights, creating a new class of people who are above the laws they prescribe for everyone else.

The symptoms will be more noticeable when Parliament needs to take extra paranoid steps to keep a progressively unco-operative and troublesome public in order. And finally – when parliament becomes an symbol of oppression, and of class difference and exclusion – and a beaten down people realise their rights have been taken away, then will begin the cardiac arrest of our legal system.

This will become apparent, when another Guy Fawkes appears and delivers the system a much needed jolt from his defibrillator to the chants of people who say: ‘thank you for setting us free!‘.

I write this in the hope that lawmakers wake up, and realise the danger ahead for Britain if this poison is not sucked out quickly and decisively. Our MPs MUST BE PUT ON TRIAL, not for the peoples benefit, nor their own, but for the future of Britain.. Lady Justice may not be happy with the fact that her sword is drawn against a member of Parliament, but this is why she has a blindfold!