No Ifs, No Buts, Benefit Thieves are Criminals

No Ifs, No Buts, Benefit Thieves are Criminals

No Ifs, No Buts, Benefit Fraud is a Crime, and the British Government are Criminals. Realising Disillusionment of One Citizen.

Disappointed words of disillusionment drissle down, caustic and corrosive on Britains parliamentary system. Playing the blame game over MPs expenses is all very well, now that MPs have realised they do indeed have a real problem on their hands. And it’s easy to see how an issue like this might slip under a politicians radar – as it affects all groups equally. Too often, the partisan environment encourages a status-quo of moral relativism – that is – it doesn’t matter how low you stoop, or how underhanded you are … so long as you’re not the only one!

The Hardworking, Honest and Silent British Majority

Slightly beyond this two dimensional perspective, stand some very upset, disenfranchised and hard working British people who turn up to work each day: come rain or shine, who do not complain when they spend their hard earned pennies on nice clothes for work, transport or lunch!

Since I was small, I have understood that politicians make a career from lying, but I had long accepted this was part of their sales pitch – selling us a nicely polished idea that we might buy. Okay, those ideas may not turn out as exactly like the one pictured on the box, but the ends justified the means if it helped get something in motion. This I am more than prepared to accept.

Benefit Thieves and Hypocrites

But I never had them down for benefit thieves. That the very same government who enjoys branding people as ‘benefit thieves’ – who has an extensive series of templates and forms on their website to help citizens grass each other in for minor three-figure indiscretions, while MPs happily dip their own hands in the publics pocket to the tune of a quintuple-figure sums..

Faith in Humanity, and the Idea of Democracy Shaken To The Core

In fact, I would go as far as to say that my faith in democracy and humanity itself has been left in tatters. I once had an argument with a Muslim about Shari`ah law in Britain. My arguement was that it was that not all citizens believed in Allah, which made it unfair to impose a religious law over everyone in any country. His argument was that Man is naturally greedy and simply unfit to rule himself, that only God could rule Mankind.

Until today I firmly believed this was not the case – that humans could rise above the basic biological urges, to cast aside personal gain in the pursuit of an idea that would benefit the collective. I long felt that humans were capable or ruling themselves, of overcoming the basic desire a chimp or ape may have to keep his own banana AND THEN steal his neighbours one too.

When Saying ‘I Claimed Within The Rules’ Is Simply Not Good Enough

I put it to the reader, that the argument about whether MPs expenses were done ‘within the rules’ or ‘with the spirit’ are simply irrelevant. These people wrote the rules which have been in place for some time, and have decided what they can and cannot claim behind closed doors with no input from us. They talk amongst each other, and have confided in peers to take advice on how much more they can help themselves to. To now all turn around and say ‘we didn’t know’, or ‘we have known that the rules needed changing’ makes me feel sick to my stomach, and only helps me see that we need to tear down all of these institutions and start again.

And at a desperate time like this, when businesses struggle to make every penny count, where joblessness has reached record highs, and we stare into the abyss, the very people who’s inept leadership brought us here, are doing what the bankers did to us and helping themselves to money they have neither earned nor deserved. These people are a disease, like a computer virus that has infected a program that should have helped the system run, but instead has exploited the systems resources for personal gain.

I for one will not be voting again in this country, ever. I do not believe in the system that lies before me today. It needs to be completely demolished before we can start again. We simply cannot trust these same people to now ‘fix’ the problem behind closed doors, as that was what got us into this mess!