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Tales of Monkey Island Walkthrough

Following is the complete solution to Tales of Monkey Island : Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, which comes to you courtesy of my awesome sidekick Michael. Warning : Spoilers Ahoy! Do NOT read any further if you wish to savour the puzzles.

Okay, so NEVER FORGET WHAT GAME YOU ARE PLAYING! It’s Monkey Island TM on another crazy adventure, it’s a tricksy one!

Guybrush Threepwood - Might Pirate - Tales of Monkey Island

Guybrush Threepwood - Mighty Pirate, Tales of Monkey Island, Launch of the Narwhal

Tales of Monkey Island Walkthrough : Spoilers Ahoy!

Tales if Monkey Island : Le Chuck’s Ship

The Game starts with a long drawn out cutscene as with tradition. After which you are to construct a voodoo zombie pirate killing sword. To do this you must walk to the top of your ship and pick up the monkey coffin. Inside is a seltzer bottle full of flat rootbeer, which is the ingredient you need.

As with previous Monkey Island titles it isn’t that straightforward. Add the breath-mints to the seltzer bottle and you will have fizzy rootbeer which you must combine with the sword… cutscene…

Okay so now we remember it’s Monkey Island TM and we go and talk to Elaine, tell her to throw the rope, she will get you onto Le Chuck’s Ship. Once there go to Elaine’s end of the ship and use the sword on the roots of the plant. Drop the roots and the breath-mints into the barrel of grog and use the sword with it. Then use the sword with Le Chuck and you’re in business… cutscene…

Tales if Monkey Island : Flotsam Island

You now arrive on Flotsam Island with no hope of ever leaving (but This is THE Guybrush Threepwood here folks! He escaped from Monkey Island!). You talk to everyone and they tend to give you hints. Talk to the reporter and then walkthrough the town to the glassblower, ask him about the alphabet sale and then for a free vowel and you shall receive a “U-Tube” (YouTube lol!) which will be useful later. Walkthrough to the Screaming Narwhal and talk to the captain. You may notice that the sign to the left of the gang plank has half a jolly roger skull and crossbones, but it looks uncannily like a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle which is a traditional recurring theme. This gives you a clue to look in the socks on the crank line. Inside you find the Captains membership card to the exclusive pirate club you may have seen earlier. Now go to the beach and walk off towards the map on world map view it will say “Entrance to Jungle” walkthrough the pillars and talk to the portly pirate playing with dolls. He will tell you of a rare porcelain pirate “Action Figurine”. Tell him you saw it over there and then steal a pink pyjama pirate figure. Take the figurine to the reporter and dip it in the ink barrel next to him. Go into the club with your ID card… cutscene…

Once out on the street you should see a broken glass and in there will be a cocktail sword which when combiuned with the doll you have will form a “Ninja Pirate Pete”! Take this back to the portly pirate and ask him for the map he has. Walk into the jungle and find the wishing well, from there follow the animal noises you hear in accordance with the map (spontaneously generated as with Monkey Kombat from Monkey Island 4!). You will find someone beat you to the treasure but you place the newly made replica doll in the hole. (This is why I love the Monkey Island TM series!). Go back to portly pirate and give him back the map… cutscene…

The Tales of Monkey Island - Flotsam Island

The Tales of Monkey Island - Launch of the Narwhal - Flotsam Island

Now walkthrough the jungle and you will discover a pile of bombs and a flyer for a pirate hunter scattered around the jungle when you find the calendar head north and you will find a new location, the creepy shack. Head back to the Screaming Narwhal and try to climb the anchor chain… cutscene…

Now that the dock is on fire you can light your bombs but be quick to get them in the underwear on the crank line before they blow up in your pocket! Once the bomb is in the underwear you have all the time in the world before the fuse burns out and it blows up, but if you talk to the Captain it will blow or if you leave the scene it will blow or if you use the crank it will blow up in your face and knock you off the dock! Use the clothesline itself (involves split second timing!) and it will blow the captain off the deck and so you become captain of the Screaming Narwhal… cutscene…

The reporter will tell you to go see deep gut in his creepy shack, walkthrough the jungle to get there and use the password he gave you “Deadline”. After the dialogue click on parrot skeleton, walk around and pick up the “Interesting bottle”, pick up the parrot also. Walk out and pick up the weather vane, then walkthrough to the docks.

Talk to the pirate glassblower, ask him about unbreakable bottle, use chain to board the Screaming Narwhal, walkthrough to the deck and pick up the cheese wheel. Fire the cannon and the bottle breaker is available and then leave the ship and pick up unbreakable bottle breaker. Walkthrough to the house to the right of Screaming Narwhal where the Doctor lives (he was getting busy if you tried this before you could hear him…

Tales of Monkey Island - Launch of the Narwhal

Tales of Monkey Island - Launch of the Narwhal

lol) pick up the flower pot and knock on the door. After the dialogue there is a… cutscene…

The chair can be turned left, right backwards, frontwards or put in horizontal or vertical position!

Here is the very complicated sequence!

  • Right-horizontal – click on the key.
  • Back-horizontal – click on the monkey’s cage the monkey is freed
  • Left-horizontal – click on the bell and the monkey changes picture to rat-machine
  • Left-vertical – click on the right pedal and the monkey goes to the rat-machine
  • Left-vertical – click on the left pedal and the monkey gets a shock & knocks down the picture!
  • Front-vertical – click on the picture of Guybrush’s hand.
  • Left-horizontal – click on the pictures.
  • Left-horizontal – click on the bell and the monkey changes picture to the skeleton hand)
  • Left-vertical – click on the right pedal and the monkey goes to the skeleton with the key)
  • Left-vertical – click on the left pedal. (the monkey gets another shock and the key sticks to it’s tail)
  • Left-horizontal – click on the bell. the monkey changes picture to the pirate
  • Left-vertical – click on the right pedal. The monkey goes to Guybrush

Use unbreakable bottle breaker with unbreakable bottle (OBVIOUSLY!) Walkthrough to the beach and talk to the crusty looking pirate in front of the courthouse until he hands you the ancient crystal. Use the eye of the Manatee with the ancient scroll. Also while you’re here, use the cheese with jail carvings under the cell bars. Walkthrough to jungle entrance and head north. That cloud on the map indicates that you need to look at the weather vane in your inventory and follow the arrow. Use Hemlock’s map with the altar. Guybrush will let you know if you are doing it right or wrong by telling you, if you go astray start again from the beginning.

Use the ancient tool with the clamshell, this will open up all of the idols all over Flotsam island. Use the ancient weather vane with the mysterious idol and click on the mysterious idol. Match the faces on the weather vane with the idol .Use the ancient tool with the clamshell when you are done… cutscene…

Walkthrough to the right and the map of the jungle will appear, walkthrough to the enigmatic idol, repeat the steps from the previous idol. Guybrush will make a comment about the missing nose, use the flower pot with idol. Use the ancient tool with the clamshell… cutscene…

Walkthrough to the right and approach the strange idol, use the ancient weather vane on it, then use the cheese wheel on it. Walkthrough to the right twice to the altar. If you get lost, head out of the jungle, enter it and walkthrough up then right. Use the phrase “King Louis”.

Use the “U-Tube” (lol) with the rifle with precise timing
Use messed up idol, there is no way of putting the weather vane here, so you need to listen to the Marquis, if he makes a satisfied (not a whelp of pain!) sound, the part is in the correct place… cutscene…

Walkthrough to the upper deck and use the steering wheel, then walkthrough to the lower deck and fire the cannon (timing is crucial here too!). The tar will then spill out before Winslow takes hold of the wheel. Walkthrough to the front of the main mast, otherwise you will get stuck and have to repeat that puzzle! ARGH! Grab the map hanging on the wall of the quarters and then walkthrough to Winslow and talk to him… cutscene…

WOOHOO! Part One Nailed and wait patiently for Part Two to be released so you can test your mettle again!

TO BE CONTINUED In … Tales of Monkey Island, the Siege of Spinner Cay Walkthrough!