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2009 August | Roger Davies

Roger Davies

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Entries for August, 2009

Why the British Government Should Apologise for the Treatment of Alan Turing

Last week, much has been written of John Graham-Cumming and his petition to secure an apology from the British Government for the way Alan Turning was treated during his lifetime.
For those who only know Alan Turning through computer science history books, he was the Manchester based mathematician and computer scientist who helped break the Germans [...]

How To Hack Half Life 2 To Play With The Portal Gun

If like me you adored the game Portal and loved Half Life, then I the idea of using the Portal Gun in Half Life 2 must seem like a wet dream. Well, I got news for you … this is no dream! You can quite easily and quickly hack Half Life 2 to [...]

Google as God – Evolution of Language and Ideas, Catalyst of the Human Condition

From Cave Paintings to Google Searching the Internet
Since cave paintings began, humans have exhibited this unique desire to connect with each other and share ideas. This is perhaps one thing above all else that sets us apart from the beasts, and I often wonder if the Internet simply provides an ultra evolved extension of this [...]

The Siege of Spinner Cay, Tales of Monkey Island Walkthrough, Solutions Tips and Cheats

Welcome to another fantastic installment of Tales of Monkey Island, this time – The Siege of Spinner Cay Walkthrough is brought to you by myself and my awesome sidekick Michael Wharton without which none of this would have been possible! First, the customary:
Warning : Spoilers Ahoy!

Guybrush Threepwood – Mighty Pirate, Tales of Monkey Island, [...]

Apache .htaccess Tricks, Allow or Deny Permissions by IP Address, Password Protecting Folders and 301 Redirect with .htaccess

Hello, and welcome to the first in a series of Apache HOWTO’s, packed with neat tips and tricks that allow you to get the most out of Apache on the Web. Whether you host your website yourself or pay for your hosting, there will be magic spells and potions in here for everyone! [...]

The Secret of Monkey Island Walkthrough, Solutions, Tips and Hints from Michael Wharton

Part I – The Three Trials.
If I could start this walkthrough with a little bit of a review, it would be simply that The Curse of Monkey Island TM is one of the greatest point and click adventure games of all time! Now it has been re-released as a special edition with voice actors from [...]

Corrupt British MPs Collude to Steal £10,000 Per Year from the Taxpayer in Subsistence Allowance Claims

Corrupt British MPs collude to steal almost £10,000 per year from the taxpayer without providing receipts under a new subsistance allowance scheme, allowing the to claim up to 25 per £day.


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