Avast! It’s Monkey Island time again, with Michael Wharton and Roger Davies at the helm, bringing you the latest Tales of Monkey Island – Lair of the Leviathan Walkthrough. As always, keep your seat upright, store all luggage in the overhead lockers, and beware!! Thar be spoilers ahead!

Guybrush Threepwood - Tales of Monkey Island

This great episode opens with a huge cutscene, a recap on Guybrush’s recent adventure and how he ended up in the Lair of the Leviathan! After the initial cutscene, walk towards the camera, towards the settlement and talk to De Cava. Give him the locket and talk to him some more, walkthrough to Winslow who is taking care of Morgan Le Flay. After telling Winslow you need Morgan to pass as your wife, pick up her wrists to feel her pulse, then pick up her sword, then pick up her boots. Walk around to the back of the ship, and climb the mast to the crows nets and pick up the earwax. Use it on Morgan to wake her up, take her to De Cava and tell him you met through work, answer his question by remembering things about Morgan Le Flay. Walkthrough to the stomach and talk to De Cava’s crewe. Pick up the grub next to the bongo player Noogie. Take the grub back to De Cava and give it to him. Talk to Morgan Le Flay, talk to Noogie and tell him you can get him a date with Morgan. Read the new members manual you got from Bugeye.

Lair of the Leviathan Walkthrough – In the Belly of the Manatee

Tell Morgan to go on a RECON mission with Noogie, tell her to interrogate, then test the grip, then check for weapons with him (first dates, huh?). Challenge Bugeye to a face-off, after losing, pickup the picture of Guybrush that Morgan dropped (near the bongo area). Walkthrough to the area with the three weird tubes, checkout the figurehead of the scary monkey on the ship, use your hook hand with the treasure chest in that area to find Murray the Talking Skull inside! Talk to the bar pirate Moose, propose a toast to any occasion, and while he is drinking, use the sword with Santino, switch Murray with his skull.

Talk to everyone saying “ARRR!” and you will learn a new pirate face from each one. Then, go up to De Cava, who will ask you to get him a drink and give you his mug. Talk to the bongo player Noogie, and ask him to play something with a higher tempo. Walk to the pool of bile using the weird tubes in the ground and use the mug with the bile. Use the mug of bile with the painting, to reveal yet another scary face to add to your repertoire. Repeat this process to get another mug of bile, use this with the clogged tube (this will unclog it). Go through the tube and open the iron monkey pick up the torture manual inside. Walkthrough to De Cavas camp, wait for him to put down his glasses and pick them up. Combine the glasses with the Eye of the Manatee, and give them back to De Cava. Give him a mug of bile. Use torture manual (you picked up from the iron monkey) with the new members manual. Next, give the disguised torture manual to Murray. This will guarantee you his vote (and of course Mooses!). Go to Bugeye and challenge him to a face off again, try to remember which faces you’ve used, and which faces he’s used. Avoid using any part of a move he’s used and you will win. Then ask him to call a vote. You will now receive the Cochlea of the Manatee. Walkthrough to your ship and round the back, pick up the Seahorse head. Walkthrough back to the crows nest and replace the Cochlea in the area marked wound. Talk to Le Flay as you run around until she agrees to help, remember to give her sword back. (cutscene)

Lair of the Leviathan Walkthrough – On the Deck of the Screaming Narwhal

Guybrush dives down in a scene that pays homage to a scene from Monkey Island II : Le Chucks Revenge. Open the chest and you pick up the golden spanner, 6000 doubloons and a knock off crown. Head back to the boat by going to the anchor. Go up to De Cava and read the crew’s files, copy the face of Noogie’s biggest fear ‘The Nun’, use the face with Noogie and he will tell you that he doesn’t have the tongue of the Manatee. Talk to Bugeye and he will immediately tell you he doesn’t have it either! Ask Morgan to borrow her sword, pick the fish flapping around on the deck. Use the sword with Murray and Moose will tell you that he had the Tongue of the Manatee (and that it is – in fact – in the belly of the Manatee you were in). Go back to De Cava at the wheel and look at the locket. Use the golden spanner on the wheel in the middle, then use the picture of Guybrush that Morgan dropped earlier. Push the button for an out of body experience!

[As the Voodoo Lady] : Use the Tarrot Cards on the table in front of you. First, order them Marquis, the Adventurer, then the Voodoo Lady and press the bell. (cutscene). Talk to Le Singe, be sure to ask about the manatee language book. After he leaves, order the cards :- Guybrush, Voodoo Lady, Le Singe. (cutscene) After Le Singe gives you the book, examine it, then use the tarrot cards : Voodoo, Marquis, Guybrush. When you are back in your own body, use the plank, use the seahorse head on the Manatee, go to the bongos and use the fish with the bongos, walkthrough to the bile pool and pick up the Tongue of the Manatee. Use the Manatee Lax with the bile pool, then use the Tongue of the Manatee on the Giant Manattee. When talking to the female Manatee, try to answer her questions as well as possible (this may take a few tries, but you can always try again!). Look though all the phrases, to find one that suits the best. When the Manatees go off on their date, dive back down to the cave, and grab Esponge Grande. Back on your ship, you get acosted in another cutscene!

When in the cage, give morgan her sword. Try to grab the rope above you, this will lower your cage and raise Morgans so that Morgan can now cut the rope with her sword if you talk to her. While being shot at, click on the mast. When they fire, it bounces back, and takes out their canon. Quickly use the seahorse head with the cannon and fire! This brings us to the end of the Lair of the Leviathan walkthrough.

[To Be Continued...]