Welcome to another fantastic installment of the (now infamous!) Michael Wharton and Roger Davies Monkey Island Walkthroughs … this time on a voyage through Monkey Island 2 : LeChucks Revenge walkthrough. As with the first game, we start with an elaborate cutscene with Guybrush recounting his previous adventures.

Monkey Island 2 Header

PART I : The Largo Embargo – Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough

Guybrush Threepwood - Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough

Largo LeGrande will mug Guybrush on the bridge, after he has gone pick up the shovel from the sign, walkthrough to Wally the Cartographer (2nd door on the right). Talk to Wally about Big Whoop, and when he has finished, take his monacle from the table when he puts it down to rub his eyes. Pick up pieces of paper from the desk closest to you and walkthrough to the end of the path (distance) and talk to the three pirates on the ship. Talk to them until they ask you to buy some polish from the Woodsmith for one of the pirates’ wooden leg, and he’ll give you one piece of eight. Pick up the bucket on the left (the pirate will protest, but will let you have it). Walkthrough to the carpenters (door to the right of Wally’s) and buy the polish. Walk back to the three pirates and polish the pirates wooden leg. He gives you one piece of eight for your trouble. Walkthrough to the to right and onto the map, walk to the beach and pick up the stick from beneath the tree. Head back to the map, and over to the swamp to the East. Use the bucket with the swamp, and use the coffin, paddle to the right and underneath the skull, you’ll be brought into the Voodoo Ladie’s hut. Pick up the string on the table on the left as you arrive and walkthrough to the right.

Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough - Woodtick

Talk to the Voodoo lady, about LeGrande and the Voodoo doll, she gives you a recipe. Walkthrough to the cemetery and up the hill (in the distance) use the shovel on the grave marked LeGrande, Guybrush will pick up a bone fragment. Walkthrough to Woodtick, sneak in the rear window of the ship nearest your perspective and into the kitchen, pickup the knife from the table. Walkthrough to the hotel on the left where LeGrande is staying, use the knife on the rope that is tethering the lizard, and he will run away with the concierge chasing after. Pick up the cheesy squiggles that are in his bowl, walk into Largo’s Room. Pick up toupee, close the door and use the bucket of mud on the closed door, then hide behind the screen on the left. Largo will come in (brief cutscene) walkthrough to Marty’s laundry (another brief cutscene).

Scabb Island - Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough

Open the box on the left, use the stick on the box, use the string with the stick and use the cheesy squiggles with the box. Pull the string when the rat starts to eat the cheesy squiggles (this may take a few tries!). Walk back to Largo’s room, and take the laundry ticket from the back of the door (you will have to close it first). Walk back to Marty’s and give him the ticket, he will give you a bra. Walkthrough to the bar, (brief cutscene) Use piece of paper from the Wallys on Largo’s spit on the wall. Head back to the swamp, give the ingredients to the Voodoo Lady and walkthrough to Woodtick and to Largo’s Room. Use the pins with the voodoo doll. Walk back to Woodtick and sneak into the kitchen by the rear window again, put the rat in the soup and go back round to the front of the bar. Order some soup from the bartender (cutscene). Talk to the barman and tell him you’re interested in cooking, tell him you’ll take the job as cook. He’ll give you 420 pieces of eight now walkthrough to the Peninsula, to charter a ship from Captain Dread, when he talks about his navigator, give him Wally’s monacle and set sail.

PART II : The Four Map Pieces – Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough

Phatt Island - Monkey Island 2

Pick up the parrot chow on the deck of Dread’s ship, walk inside and talk to Dread, navigate to Phatt Island. Guybrush immediately gets arrested and interrogated by the governor of Phatt Island (Aptly named Phatt!). When you’re alone in your cell, pull back the mattress and pick up the stick from underneath it. Use the stick through the bars on the skeletons leg in the adjacent cell, use the bone on Walt the dog. Pick up the key that he drops and use the key on the cell door. Pick up the Gorilla and Manilla envelopes from the cabinet and open both, you’ll get the banana, organ and all your stuff back. Walkthrough to the ally on the left of the library (brief cutscene). Follow the gambler to the next alley way along. When he leaves, knock on the door and ask what the next number will be. The password is simply the first number of fingers he holds up, do this three times. Go back around and place a bet using the number he gave you, repeat this until you have all of the prizes – the money, the party invitation and the holiday. Walkthrough to the library, open the model lighthouse by the door and take the lens.

Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough - Phatt Island Cottage

Go to the card catalogue and choose a random book, also take out ‘The Joy of Hex’ and ‘Great Shipwrecks of Our Century’, the librarian will give you a temporary library card (it doesn’t matter what details you give her, just say that you’re over 21). Walk back to governor Phatt’s mansion, tell the guard inside that there is a fire in the kitchen, then go up the stairs. Switch books with the one on Phatts belly (Indiana Jones style), using the random book you picked up from the library. Walkthrough to the dock and navigate to Booty Island, enter the shop on the left. There are several items you can’t buy, but several you can. Not all items are necessary, but it is just fun to own them! The ones you need are the ship’s horn, saw and mirror (on the wall by the parrot) to get this, hang the parrot chow on the wall so the parrot turns. Leave and talk to Captain Kate Capsize, take a leaflet from her. Navigate to Phatt Island, use the leaflet with the wanted poster, exit the screen (cutscene). Go inside the Gaol, pick up the vanilla envelope from the desk, then use the key in the cell to release Kate. Navigate to Scabb Island, and use the saw on the peg-leg of the pirate you polished earlier. Walkthrough to the woodsmith’s (he’ll be busy dealing with the emergency repair job), pick up his hammer and nails and head to Booty Island, go into Stan’s Previously Owned Coffins, ask him to show you a coffin, he’ll get inside to show you how comfy it is. Use the hammer and nails on the coffin, then pick up the crypt key from behind his desk. Navigate to Scabb Island, go to the cemetery, use the key on the tomb with the cross on top of it, and look at your book of famous pirate quotations that you lifted from Governor Phatt. Remember what Rapp Scallion said in the book, and look at all the coffins.

Monkey Island 2 Map

Find the one with his quote on it, open it and pick up some ashes. Walkthrough to the swamp, to the Voodoo Lady’s hut, look at the jars on the left, and pick up the one labelled ‘Ashes-To-Life‘ (cutscene) and give the ‘Joy of Hex’ to the Voodoo Lady. Walkthough to the cemetry, and use the Ashes-To-Life with Rap Scallions remains. Talk to him until you offer to check the gas for him, he gives you a key for the shack by the beach, walkthrough to the beach and use the key with the door of the shack, go inside and turn the gas off. Walkthrough to the cemetry, use the Ashes-To-Life on his remains again and he’ll give you a map piece!

Monkey Island 2 - LeChucks Revenge

Walkthrough to the bar in Woodtick, talk to the bar man and order some grog, showing him your library card as ID. Order all three drinks he offers you. Use the banana with the metronome on the piano, and pick up the hypnotised monkey Jojo. Head back to Booty Island and walkthrough to the far right where the spitting contest is. Blow the ships horn and when everbody looks around, pick up the flags and Guybrush will rearrange them. Use the yellow drink with the blue drink and use the crazy straw on the newly created green drink (Guybrush will say it makes his spit thick). Talk to the guy running the spitting contest, wait for the ladies’s sash to blow in the wind and spit at the same time. You win the plaque, take the plaque to the man in the antiques shop and tell him it’s worth a mint, because it is the spit of the guy who killed LeChuck, he’ll give you 6000 pieces of eight. Walkthrough to the costume shop and give the shopkeeper your invite and he’ll give you a costume. Walk through to the gate before the governers mansion, tell the guard you are here for the party and have an invitation and costume. Enter the mansion, picking up the map piece from above the mantle.

Guybrush at Governor Elains Party, Monkey Island 2

Try to leave, the old man stops you and takes you to Elaine, use the soppy options when talking with her, (cutscene). Walk round the back of the mansion, push the trash can, the cook will chase you. If you push it three or more times he will follow you around the mansion. Do this until he chases you around the whole mansion and enter his kitchen. Pickup the fish from the table, then walk back around to the front and pick up Guybrush the dog. Navigate back to Phatt island, talk to the fisherman from the dock, tell him you are a mighty fisherman and challenge him to a contenst. After this conversation give him the fish you took from the kitchen earlier, he will eventually give you his prize winning pole. Navigate to Booty Island and to the cliffs where the map piece landed. Use the fishing pole to retrieve the map piece. Head back to Elaine’s mansion and pick up the oar from her bedroom wall. Walk to the big tree in the North East of Booty Island, use the oars with the tree and climb the tree until the top oar breaks (trippy cutscene). Head to Scabb Island and give the broken oar to the carpenter to fix, head back to the big tree and climb up to the top. Pick up the telescope from the upper tree house, enter the middle one and use Guybrush the Dog on the pile of paper. You get another map piece!!

Governor Phatt - Monkey Island 2 Le Chucks Revenge

Walk back to Phatt Island and head to the waterfall on the West, walk up the side and use Jojo on the tap. Walk down and into the newly discovered gaping hole, follow the tunnel to the cottage and head up to talk to the guy in the cottage and challenge him to a drinking contest. Once he has poured your mug of grog, use it on the plant pot on the far left of the scene, then use the near grog in your mug. You will then win the drinking contest!! Pick up the mug, use the mirror from the antiques shop with the picture frame in the cottage, open the shutters on the near window, and use the telescope on the grotesque statue outside, and note the brick you need to push (the one where the light falls), go inside and push the brick. If you press the right one, you should end up in a hidden cellar, with a skeleton holding yet another map piece!!

Read the book ‘Great Shipwrecks of Our Time’, make note of last known co-ordinates of The Mad Monkey, go back to Kate on Booty Island, charter her ship. Go to the co-ordinates from the book and dive down to the Mad Monkey. Take the figurehead, and use the anchor, Kate will raise you back to the surface. Go back to the antique shop and give the Monkey Head to Mad Marty, who will give you the final map piece!

skeletons from Monkey Island 2
Head back to Scabb Island and give the lighthouse lens to Wally, along with the map pieces. He’ll ask you to pick up his love potion from the Voodoo Lady. Walkthrough to the swamp and get the potion from her, she will tell you LeChuck is kidnapping Wally, when you get back to Wally’s you’ll find he has indeed been kidnapped by LeChuck. Pickup paper, and walk back to the swamp, open the crate. Use the crate and Guybrush will climb inside.

PART III : LeChucks Fortress – Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough

(cutscene) Walk up the stairs, towards the signs that point in lots of different directions, then walk into the alcove with the signs and turn right (inside the alcove). You come into a new room, with various skeletal parts on the wall. Look at the lyrics to the song that your ghost parents sang you, they will be written down no a piece of paper in your possession. The lyrics run “The X bone is connected to the Y bone”, “The Y bone is connected to the Z bone”, find the skeletal door which has X Y and Z shown in that order (from top to bottom). Push the door and walk through, do this again and again until you reach a new room, push the big door and you will see a small door appear within it. Walkthrough the door and pick up the Voodoo Key to the cells (cutscene).

You’ve now been captured by LeChuck (Oh No! Game Over!) Use the crazy straw in the green drink (remember the thick spit?), spit on the shield on the right, and keep doing this (it will change angle each time) until you put out the candle. (cutscene)

Open the goodie bag the fortune teller gave you, you get matches and some other things. Use the book of matches (cutscene with a BOOOOM!).

PART IV : Dinky Island – Monkey Island 2 Walkthrough

On the beach, pick up the bottle (that’s half in and out of the ocean), pick up the crowbar and the the martini glass, open the barrel and Guybrush picks up a cracker. Give the cracker to the parrot. Walk into the jungle and head left until you come to a tree with a bag hanging from it. Use the crowbar on the bottle, then use the broken bottle on the bag. Pick up the box of cracker mix, and walkthrough the jungle and head right, pick up the rope on the box by the pond, use the crowbar on the box and pick up the dynamite inside. Walkthrough to the beach, and use the Martini glass with the ocean. Use the Martini glass of water, in the still. Use the distilled water with the cracker mix. Give the two crackers to the parrot, and listen to his directions. Follow them until you come to the X, use the shovel on the X until Guybrush hits cement. Use the matches on the dynamite, and use the dynamite on the hole (BOOM! Lots of explosions in this game!). Use the rope with the crowbar, use the crowbar and rope with the twisted bars above the platform on your right (cutscene).

You find yourself in a darkened room. Scan the walls for a light switch (it should be on the right of the screen), once you’ve switched on the light switch, pick up the ticket from the remains of the treasure chest (cutscene). During your confrontation with LeChuck, he will transport you around the tunnels and you’ll appear in a random place in the underground tunnels.

In The First Aid Room (Furtherst Right)

Pick up the skull of one of your parents, open the drawer on the right and pick up the syringe, look at the bin and pick up the gloves from inside.

In The Store Cupboard (Full of Boxes)

Open all the boxes you can and pick up :- root beer, balloon and a pirate doll.

In The Room with the Grog Machine

Use the gloves and the balloon with the helium tank (if you use them while full of helium, you start to sing the Beegees!). Push the coin return button on the Grog machine, and a coin will roll out. Leave it where it lands, and when LeChuck confronts you in this room, he will bend over to pick it up. Grab LeChucks underpants when he bends over to pick up the coin (Yuk!)

When confronted again by LeChuck, give him the complementary handkerchief you were given by Stan (again, gross!). Walkthrough to the elevator (now you are carrying helium, you are light enough to use it!). Wait for LeChuck to appear then use the lever, trapping LeChucks beard in the door.

Use the crispy beard bits, the doll, the underwear, the handkerchief and the skull with the goodie bag. Now you have a voodoo doll to fight back with!! Wait for LeChuck to attack you, and use the hyperdermic syringe with the voodoo doll of LeChuck. Do what you like, but twisting his leg will kill him!! (cutscene) See you next time!!

To be continued! ….