Welcome to the final exciting chapter of the Tales of Monkey Island walkthrough series. For those of you just joining us, our last game ended with the death of Guybrush Threepwood!. How will he defeat LeChuck? Read on!

Guybrush Threepwood - Tales of Monkey Island

Guybrush Threepwood - Tales of Monkey Island, Rise of the Pirate God Walkthrough

Rise of The Pirate God Walkthrough, Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 5

After the opening cutscene, pick up dirt from above you. Do this again to escape. Walkthrough to the right and talk to the Ferryman about his boat. Mention how clean it is. Use the dirt of the boat, then talk to the Ferryman about a spot of dirt he’s missed. While he is distracted, take some money from the tip jar. Use this in the Grog machine and press the change return slot to get two coins. Give these coins to the Ferryman and he’ll take you to the Crossroads.

Get in the boat and navigate to the sword fighting area in the North. Go up the stairs and the click on the mast to climb it. Talk to Morgan LaFlay, then pick up the ghost’s sword from the decapitated head and used the sword on Morgan La Flay. When sword fighting, use the actions that complement Morgan and insult the sword fighting ghost.

Head to the Treasure Hunter area and touch the sign and you will pick up the bone that falls off. Talk to the treasure hunter and ask him to show you how the treasure hunting works, when he leaves pick up the bejewelled anchor.

Jump back into the boat and head back to The Gateway. The Ferryman is gone, so pick up the tip jar, and go buy a grog (regular) from the Grog machine, then use the bone on Franklin the dog. Pick him up and use the sock with the dog – he runs to the Center Crossroads.

Follow him to Galeb and buy your photo from him (you now have moneys yey!), then use the sock on Galeb to get the treasure chest. Take the treasure chest to the Thief and ask him to open it. He steals the scroll and puts it in the pile. Talk to him and get him to look behind him, use the sock with dog once more, then use the dog with the pile. Head over to the Treasure Hunting area and use the sock with the dog again to find the Voodoo spell.

Sail to the Centre Crossroads and use the anchor, the dog and use the grog on the X. Head back to Morgan LeFlay in the sword fighting area and ask her about the final ingredient until she takes you back to the ‘x’ at the centre Crossroads. [cutscene]

When the cutscene ends with Guybrush on the deck of LeChuck’s ship, try to pick up the sword stuck in the mast. [cutscene]

Back at The Crossroads … Sail Gateway and enter the rip. Talk to Winslow, then jump into the water. Walk to the far right and speak to Anenome. Tell Anenome that Winslow is here. Head back up and talk to Wilmslow, tell him about Anenome and he will send a poem down to her. Jump back in and over to Anenome. Tell her Winslow and she will swim out, blowing the seaweed so that the locket is directly above the clam. Walk up to the clam, then away so the clam shoots a bubble, pulling the bag and locket to the surface. Head back up and talk to Winslow. You’ll explain to him that the locket is yours, but you cannot pick it up just now! Put your picture (you bought from Galeb) (in the locket and ask Winslow to push the button.

[as zombie Guybrush] Surrender to be two guys in the bar. When you are taken to the jail, pull out the loose brick to discover a diary, pick it up and read it. After a few moments, you will leave your body.

Head back to the Swordfighting area and through the rip. Talk to Bugeye about how he escaped the manatee (tell him what you read in his diary). He gets mad and pulls a face, copy his face exactly (the ultimate insult). He will be taken to jail. This time if you ask Winslow to press the button and you surrender, you will be taken to the next cell. Notice the gum, pick up the mug on the barred window and the poster on the right.

Go back to the bar as a ghost and scare the dart thrower, he will throw a dart at the rootbeer, causing it to fall into the mug. Go back to Winslow and into zombie Guybrush! Surrender again and use the mug of rootbeer on the gum to find the spirit gum. [cutscene]

Walkthrough to the treasure hunting area and through the rip to meet the Voodoo Lady (now in the body of a dead seagull!). Tell her you want to shrink the Sponge. Keep talking until she disappears again. Pick the lock of the chest with your hook and open it to get LeChucks belt buckle. Touch the seagull with your hook and pick up th feather that falls nearby.

Head back to the Gateway and talk to Galeb about lifting the curse and he’ll give you the recipe for the Diet of the Senses spell. Go to The Thief and show him LeChucks buckle. Talk to him about his secret, then when he’s done talking pick up the box, he’ll let you have it.

Head back to the bar in Flotsam, pick up the blindfold, tell the bartender you surrender and he’ll put you in jail. Pick up the (bland) ABC gum from the ceiling. Walkthrough to the gateway and to Winslow (or where Winslow was!), pick up the deodorant and dive into the ocean pick up the fishing net. Head back to the surface and to the treasure hunting area. Dig any cross and use the fishing net on the miniature pyrite parots when they alight on the sign. Put them in the empty tips jar. Go to La Sponga and use the :- the blindfold, jar of mini pyrite parots, the feather, the secret box, the deoderant, then the gum to complete the spell [long cutscene]

Beating LeChuck in the Rise of the Pirate God

You are fighting with LeChuck, who will knock you all over the place! When you are in the crows nest, use your hook on the main sail and you’ll do the ultimate pirate move of ripping down the mainsale with your hook! (Yargh!). At the bottom, talk to Elaine and ask her to attack LeChuck. When he keelhauls you, you should stop half way when Elain is attacking LeChuck. When here, get the ring of keys from the skeletons under the ship. When you are back on deck, use the key in the locked gate and a barrels will roll out. When you’re in the scene with the broken door (don’t worry you’ll get knocked down eventually!), pick it up and lay it across the barrel to make a see saw!

Shout to Elaine and ask her to light the cannon, then to attack LeChuck. Wait for LeChuck to punch you to the crows nest, use the hook on the rope and in the next scene wait for LeChuck to knock you off. Stand on the see saw and when he jumps down, you are catapulted into the cannon and shot back to the Crossroads. Use the shred of life with the portal and you get trapped in the Crossroads. Use the ring with the Centre Crossroads.

The End!!!