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2011 May | Roger Davies

Roger Davies

The Ramblings of a Weirdo

Entries for May, 2011

Protecting the Anonymity of the Dissident Blogger, How To Exercise Your Right to Blog Freely Outside Government Control

In the light of recent events it has become necessary for me to write a brief piece on how to exercise your online civil rights to free speech on the Internet without fear of prosecution. This blog post will show you techniques bloggers can use to achieve greater levels of anonymity, become more aware of the role of social media plays and avoid being identified.

Bitcoins Beat the Bankers – Webs First Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Crypto Currency Empowers Users, May Replace Banks

Bitcoin is the Webs first online currency, empowering Internet users by allowing them to make payments directly to each other, a great method for sending money quickly, safely and anonymously. So how do you get started? Where can you spend Bitcoins and what are the legal implications of this new fledgling currency? Roger Davies outlines some of the services that accept bitcoin payments (BTC) and some recent events.


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