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Music – Parallel Lines

Music by Roger Davies

Music – Stranger Than Fiction

Music by Roger Davies

Music – Sanctimonious Kleptocracy

Music by Roger Davies

Music – Jump!

Music by Roger Davies


Logical dance rhythms,
Like rhymes from a poets notebook,
Rules that describe the format,
Behaviour that defines life,
What more are you than a collection of beliefs?
Physical form is temporary
Except for our immortal influence on
The giant program which we are all a part.

New Beginnings – Progressive Drum and Bass / Trance Song With Added Lyrics

More than a year after moving to the great city of Manchester, this progressive drum and bass / trance song was originally written by housemate and myself. At the time we called it ‘New Beginnings’.
It seems strange and fitting that I should dust it off a year later, re-engineer it the way [...]

It’s My Life (Dr Alban) – Power Mix using Yamaha Vocaloid Synthesizer

This song uses the Yamaha Vocaloid Synthesizer which is a pretty neat bit of software that takes midi data and combines it with a speech sythesizer to produce an eerily-close-to human singing voice.
The rest of the music is my own interpretation of “It’s My Life” by Dr Alban, and includes some of the original lyrics [...]


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