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Why Americans Should Stop Blaming Britain for the BP Oil Spill

On the 20th of April 2010, a BP oil rig exploded, killing 11 workers and injuring 17 more. Over the next few months it would spill millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and become both a terrible tragedy and an ecological disaster. Obama and his administration quite rightly stepped up their [...]

The UK Digital Economy Bill and How The Government Will Fail

Friends, Bloggers, farbutamol – image 7 Tweeple… Lend me your eyes!
This week the Internet community was outraged by a UK government attempt to sneak new Internet legislation through parliament. The two hour debate made a mockery of our political process, akin to a computer hacker exploiting a security flaw in a computer system.
The new [...]

Tescos Alcohol Policy & Stephen Byers Secret Lobbying Deal

Tescos Refuse Alcohol To Parents and Others
On St Patrick’s Day 2010, a Tescos Express store in Manchester refused to sell beer to a 24 year old friend of mine, even after she had produced ID. She had spotted a promotion – three 4-packs of beer for £10 – and I made the fatal mistake of [...]

Thank The Left-Wing for the BNP Rise To Mainstream Politics

When Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time on Thursday night, it became painfully clear the BBC and (more specifically) David Dimbleby had made a huge mistake. No, believe it or not they were quite right to feature Nick Griffin as a panellist – they only delivered what the majority of the public wanted. [...]

Secret International Clique to Extradite Aspergers Pentagon Hacker Garry McKinnon to the United States

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable”. This week, 42 year-old Aspergers hacker genius, Gary McKinnon lost permission to fight his ‘extradition’ to the United States to face a grueling 55 months in prison. I feel I need to qualify the phrase extradition, because the [...]

Corrupt British MPs Collude to Steal £10,000 Per Year from the Taxpayer in Subsistence Allowance Claims

Corrupt British MPs collude to steal almost £10,000 per year from the taxpayer without providing receipts under a new subsistance allowance scheme, allowing the to claim up to 25 per £day.

The End of Everything We Call Life May Be At Hand, A Mind At The End of It’s Teather Explores Human Greed, The H G Wells Way

The end of everything we call life is close at hand and cannot be evaded. Ours is a closed universe, yet we need something beyond it… Man must go steeply up or down and the odds seem to be all in favour of his going down and out. If he goes up, then so great [...]

MP Benefit Fraudsters – Why it is Important For Britain, That Some Offenders Spend Time Behind Bars

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal.
These are among my favourite, most powerful English words! Say them in the right order and they are almost as powerful as reciting the ‘nam myo-ho renge kyo‘ (南無妙法蓮華経) lines of the Lotus Sutra in Japanese. Reality itself begins to crack under [...]

No Ifs, No Buts, Benefit Fraud is a Crime – Claims Made By MPs Make Them Criminals, Benefit Thieves.

No Ifs, No Buts, Benefit Fraud is a Crime, and the British Government are Criminals. Realising Disillusionment of One Citizen.
Disappointed words of disillusionment drissle down, caustic and corrosive on Britains parliamentary system. Playing the blame game over MPs expenses is all very well, now that MPs have realised they do indeed have a real [...]

Barack Obama, the Exposure of Racist Elements of the GOP, the Identity and Rebirth of Republicanism and Shift of Political Tide for America

It’s been no secret that I think Obama is awesome… I’ve been watching this guy carefully since his inauguration in day zero, and I’m not ashamed to say I admire his tireless energy, drive and dedication to the ideals he promised us. True, his approval has slipped very slightly in recent times according to a [...]

Hamas was Democratically Elected, but Israel has a Right to Defend Herself – The Allegations of War Crimes Pose Difficult Questions for the International Community

Let us be absolutely clear, Hamas was democratically elected. I hear this all the time. What right have we to disagree with their views and policies when we do not live in Palestine? What right does Israel have to meddle in another countries leadership? Well, most tyrants in this world were [...]

The Bush Legacy – Iraq War, Budget Deficit, Guantanamo, Hurricane Katrina and the Election of Barack Obama

As George W Bush gets into the helicopter to leave at Obamas inauguration, a small cheer goes up from the crowd! I can’t help reflecting on what mission this man claims to have accomplished in his eight years? As someone who noticed the nature of the beast early, and opposed the Iraq war since it [...]

What it Means To Be Human – To Create a Society With Rules And Get Away from the Default Behaviour Of Nature

I just wanted to say sorry to everyone and anyone for any offence or bitter aftertaste my last entry may have left. When a person or group of people are attacked physically or verbally, they have a right to defend themselves in the appropriate manner. This is reflected both in religious law (an ‘eye for [...]

Pope Razi the Nazi – and a Heartwarming Christmas Message of Genocide

Pope Ratzinger ‘Benedict’ gives us advice to think about this Christmas – about how same-sex relationships go against the nature of creation, and that we should preserve these institutions as we do the rainforests. Sounds like a noble cause doesn’t it? Unfortunately for Razi the Nazi, he obviously hasn’t read The Bible well enough to [...]

Bible Study 101 : Marriage for Californian Dummies – The Majority Aren’t Always Right

Proposition 8 looks like it has passed, what a great day for God and the Church! If only the religious people fully understood what it meant, or had read their own religious text! What are the arguments on both sides and why do they make them?
In the blue corner we have two people who [...]

Obama Wealth Redistribution, Change and Some Ramblings about Socialism

Sticking Up For the Little Guy
Obama is truly the peoples’ man! He fights for the underdog – he plans to tax the wealthy and give to the poor. A latter-day Robin Hood kinda guy. Sounds great doesn’t it? BUT these tales of Guy-Fawkes style hero-villains come with Caveats that are sometimes forgotten.
Obama is definitely not [...]

Americas Real Reason for Obama’s Popularity – Joe The Plumber, McCain and Palin

Obamas’ Runaway Popularity. Where does It Come From?
As I write, I can’t help feeling as though the election is already over and that I am just waiting for Obama to be inaugurated. He seems to have effortlessly taken the lead in almost every situation and debate without even breaking a sweat. While poor [...]


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