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Why Reality May Be More Subjective Than First Imagined

Roger Davies discusses how perception influences reality, using examples from some ideas proposed by Rene Descartes in First Meditations and interesting passages from Alice Through the Looking-glass and some controversial historical events such as the Jewish Holocaust, Iraq Invasion of 2003 and American Civil War to illustrate how the world might not be the collective reality experience we take for granted, but how reality might be unique to individuals and more subjective than we first imagined.

Tescos Alcohol Policy & Stephen Byers Secret Lobbying Deal

Tescos Refuse Alcohol To Parents and Others
On St Patrick’s Day 2010, a Tescos Express store in Manchester refused to sell beer to a 24 year old friend of mine, even after she had produced ID. She had spotted a promotion – three 4-packs of beer for £10 – and I made the fatal mistake of [...]

Why the British Government Should Apologise for the Treatment of Alan Turing

Last week, much has been written of John Graham-Cumming and his petition to secure an apology from the British Government for the way Alan Turning was treated during his lifetime.
For those who only know Alan Turning through computer science history books, he was the Manchester based mathematician and computer scientist who helped break the Germans [...]

The End of Everything We Call Life May Be At Hand, A Mind At The End of It’s Teather Explores Human Greed, The H G Wells Way

The end of everything we call life is close at hand and cannot be evaded. Ours is a closed universe, yet we need something beyond it… Man must go steeply up or down and the odds seem to be all in favour of his going down and out. If he goes up, then so great [...]

No Ifs, No Buts, Benefit Fraud is a Crime – Claims Made By MPs Make Them Criminals, Benefit Thieves.

No Ifs, No Buts, Benefit Fraud is a Crime, and the British Government are Criminals. Realising Disillusionment of One Citizen.
Disappointed words of disillusionment drissle down, caustic and corrosive on Britains parliamentary system. Playing the blame game over MPs expenses is all very well, now that MPs have realised they do indeed have a real [...]

Group Context Social Networking – A New Concept of Targeting Appropriate Information to Groups on the Internet, Suggested Syntax, How it Might Be Achieved

Group Context Social Networking – Connections of People
The truth splits my skull like an ancient Japanese Koan overloads logical thought – a DoS attack on the mind, designed specifically to engage, overwhelm and suppress the natural mental processes. It feels at once like the freedom of flight while chewing on a gobstopper made of [...]

How I First Found Manchester – A Residents Review of the Great City

Having moved to the city a little over a year ago, I finally feel like I’ve settled in and been accepted as a resident of this wonderful city and wanted to offer my review. As a large, multicultural city I first found Manchester to be widely accepting of such a diverse range of people. At [...]

Warning: Homophobic Bigotry Causes Stupidity!

Rev. Peter Mullen, Homophobia and Suicide of Those Too Vulnerable To Defend Themselves
Okay, so it’s time for something different. As if by design, homosexuality seems to keep pushing it’s way into the news! Rev. Peter Mullen helpfully suggested that gay men should have their backsides tattooed with “Sodomy can seriously damage your health”. [...]


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