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Strange Ideas | Roger Davies

Roger Davies

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Why Reality May Be More Subjective Than First Imagined

Roger Davies discusses how perception influences reality, using examples from some ideas proposed by Rene Descartes in First Meditations and interesting passages from Alice Through the Looking-glass and some controversial historical events such as the Jewish Holocaust, Iraq Invasion of 2003 and American Civil War to illustrate how the world might not be the collective reality experience we take for granted, but how reality might be unique to individuals and more subjective than we first imagined.

How To Hack Half Life 2 To Play With The Portal Gun

If like me you adored the game Portal and loved Half Life, then I the idea of using the Portal Gun in Half Life 2 must seem like a wet dream. Well, I got news for you … this is no dream! You can quite easily and quickly hack Half Life 2 to [...]

Google as God – Evolution of Language and Ideas, Catalyst of the Human Condition

From Cave Paintings to Google Searching the Internet
Since cave paintings began, humans have exhibited this unique desire to connect with each other and share ideas. This is perhaps one thing above all else that sets us apart from the beasts, and I often wonder if the Internet simply provides an ultra evolved extension of this [...]

Dynamic CSS Stylesheets Using PHP – A Practical, Working Example Using Cookies To Store CSS Settings

A Practical Example of Dynamic CSS
Continuing with the idea of dynamic CSS Stylesheets using PHP, I constructed a basic working example. See this page for details on how you might configure Apache to do this.
Once you have played with the settings, try viewing this page, which is not getting any information from this page (or [...]

PHP CSS Files – Dynamic CSS, Using PHP in Stylesheets By Using The AddHandler and AddType Directive in the .htaccess File

Show Me A Working Example of Dynamic CSS using PHP »
PHP in CSS Files – Dynamic CSS Using PHP Stylesheets
It all started when I needed to use PHP in a website that was originally basic HTML files. The site contained at least 30 pages, and I was dreading having to rename every HTML file [...]

Group Context Social Networking – A New Concept of Targeting Appropriate Information to Groups on the Internet, Suggested Syntax, How it Might Be Achieved

Group Context Social Networking – Connections of People
The truth splits my skull like an ancient Japanese Koan overloads logical thought – a DoS attack on the mind, designed specifically to engage, overwhelm and suppress the natural mental processes. It feels at once like the freedom of flight while chewing on a gobstopper made of [...]

Teaching an Octopus to Read

Cephalopod Semantics

Ever since I was a boy I always wanted to keep an octopus as a pet. Believe it or not, I still do. And thanks to the power of the Internet, I know I’m not alone. Year after year I would passively research what I would need – three bio filters for the amount [...]


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