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Protecting the Anonymity of the Dissident Blogger, How To Exercise Your Right to Blog Freely Outside Government Control

In the light of recent events it has become necessary for me to write a brief piece on how to exercise your online civil rights to free speech on the Internet without fear of prosecution. This blog post will show you techniques bloggers can use to achieve greater levels of anonymity, become more aware of the role of social media plays and avoid being identified.

Bitcoins Beat the Bankers – Webs First Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Crypto Currency Empowers Users, May Replace Banks

Bitcoin is the Webs first online currency, empowering Internet users by allowing them to make payments directly to each other, a great method for sending money quickly, safely and anonymously. So how do you get started? Where can you spend Bitcoins and what are the legal implications of this new fledgling currency? Roger Davies outlines some of the services that accept bitcoin payments (BTC) and some recent events.

Code Breaking – Why the Web Should Worry that MD5 Is Broken

Should the Web be worried that MD5 encryption is broken? The Web relies heavily on MD5 hash for passwords and encrypted SSL sockets for security, but are the days of this cipher numbered? Roger Davies explores the potential danger and the need to find an alternative solution for the people.

The Manchester Baby, Small Scale Experimental Machine

Today I visited the Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (MOSI) and paid my respects to the Small Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM) – the first computer ever constructed. Along with some neat photos, I explain some of the gritty issues facing programmers and give some example code of my own.

How To Hack Half Life 2 To Play With The Portal Gun

If like me you adored the game Portal and loved Half Life, then I the idea of using the Portal Gun in Half Life 2 must seem like a wet dream. Well, I got news for you … this is no dream! You can quite easily and quickly hack Half Life 2 to [...]

FirstFound UK Search Engine Consultants Expand, Hiring 22 New Staff, Launch Optimise SEO Magazine

Search Engine Consultants FirstFound have been helping businesses maximise their websites potential and online presence since it was founded in 1999. As one of the UK’s oldest and most well established SEO companies, has been a hit with clients, steadily expanding and recently hiring 22 new dedicated staff and opening a new branch in Ireland, [...]

Linux CentOS NTFS Partitions, Open Source NTFS Driver to Mount NTFS Partitions with Centos 5

Taking the plunge back into Linux after five years of abstinence came at some shock. CentOS 5 turned out to be a great operating system, BUT the installer failed to detect and add my Windows XP to the GRUB boot-loader!
In fact, I couldn’t seem to mount my Windows XP NTFS partitions through Centos 5 [...]

Your First Search (YFS) The Hand Edited UK Business Directory

Your First Search is the brand new UK business directory that is drawing Internet users’ attention. Designed specifically to be user-friendly, each website in YFS is carefully selected and painstakingly categorised into hand-edited categories, allowing YFS to offer a refreshingly useful alternative to your bog-standard yell.com and thomsonlocal.com, seeking to combine the benefits of [...]

Dynamic CSS Stylesheets Using PHP – A Practical, Working Example Using Cookies To Store CSS Settings

A Practical Example of Dynamic CSS
Continuing with the idea of dynamic CSS Stylesheets using PHP, I constructed a basic working example. See this page for details on how you might configure Apache to do this.
Once you have played with the settings, try viewing this page, which is not getting any information from this page (or [...]

PHP CSS Files – Dynamic CSS, Using PHP in Stylesheets By Using The AddHandler and AddType Directive in the .htaccess File

Show Me A Working Example of Dynamic CSS using PHP »
PHP in CSS Files – Dynamic CSS Using PHP Stylesheets
It all started when I needed to use PHP in a website that was originally basic HTML files. The site contained at least 30 pages, and I was dreading having to rename every HTML file [...]

The Evolution and Conflict of Ideas – Web 2.0, User Experience and the Future of The Internet

The Evolution of The Internet – Evolution & Conflict of Ideas
I recall with fondness buying my first 14.4Kbps modem in the early 90’s and using my fathers Compuserve account to run up massive bills speaking to random strangers from across the globe in chat rooms. What a neat experience! But the Internet was [...]

Intelligent SPAM Protection for Wordpress, Identifying Spam email Addresses, Confusing Spambots in phpBB 3 by Redirecting to a Web Page of Infinite Size

Captcha SPAM Protection for Wordpress
Spam is always a problem, no matter who you are. I should quickly say that I have nothing against people promoting their sites, or companies making people aware of special offers or products. No, the kind of spam I refuse to tolerate, is porn advertising, Viagra pills. There [...]

SEO Tools – Find Your Website in Google, Yahoo Using Curl_Exec PHP Command to Fetch Web Pages on a Shared Hosting Platform Without Using fopen

The Birth of User-Agent Rogerdavies
I’ve often seen these SEO tools around that give you your information or position in Google and Yahoo, and I wondered how difficult they would be to write myself. Thankfully, with the power of modern PHP this bit of witchcraft turned out to be fairly straightforward and has led to [...]

PHP Script to Export SQL Data As a CSV File, Import CSV File Into An SQL Database

Here is a bit of PHP scripting hocus pocus that will be very useful to some people and very useless to the vast majority. I wrote it before realising that what I wanted to do could be more easily done from phpMyAdmin, but think it still may benefit someone.
Browse Table Structures, Export SQL Data [...]

Encoding an HTML Document for Multiple Languages, Unicode UTF-8 charset, Maximum Compatibility with Asian Languages, Browsers, Hello in 30 Languages

See Also: Hello in 30 languages » Complete List of Character Sets »
Encoding an HTML Document for Unicode or Multiple Languages
In 1998 I began experimenting with different languages both on the Web and in documents/applications stored on the PC itself. Back then it was literally impossible to ensure a document displayed all languages on [...]

Windows 7 Review – Installation, Boot Speed, Interface, Usability, Compatibility and an nForce 3 Vista Drivers Fix

An Honest and Thorough Windows 7 Review
Well, it’s finally here! Microsoft announced within the last few days that they would make the BETA test version of Windows 7 available for download. It took a little persuasion, but a friend convinced me to give it a try. Here is my Windows 7 review.
First off it [...]

Classic Home Computer Chip Tunes on the Pokey Soundchip, Commadore 64 SID Chip and Atari ST YM-2149

Well, breaking the cloud of serious political debate in the blog, I may have the urge to post something that may well prove to be even more universally deplored. Some classic chip tunes from some of the greats – Adam Gilmore, David Whittaker, Rob Hubbard and some of the great computer music from a [...]

URL Rewriting to Make Your URLs Search Engine Friendly and Domain Forwarding

I’ve often read SEO articles or people mention URL rewriting to make URLs search engine friendly. But found myself questioning it’s value because search engines seem fairly smart. I’ve noticed that the vast majority will find a pages’ content (even a dynamic page) if there is some kind of link which includes the [...]

Don’t ISP On My Leg & Tell Me It’s Raining – Virgin on the Ridiculous

Okay, so this might border on being a rant, but it’s more like musings. Late last night I noticed I couldn’t get any access to my site www.rogerdavies.eu or roger-davies.net. But what I found puzzling was that other people kept telling me they could access my site fine. So it was something [...]

Embedding Googlemaps (and into Blogs?)

The idea of being able to add an interactive Google map to a web page might seem complex, but Google have (as always) helped us out. All you need to do is sign up using your Google account and Google will give you an API key that is unique to your site. Then [...]

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