In this section you will find all sorts of programing projects, web development articles and web tools which I’ve worked on, both past and present.

Web Tools

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SEO Tool to find your website in Google and Yahoo

Google Preview Tool – View Your Website Link as it appear in Google
File identification tool – identify unknown files without extensions online.

A document with ‘hello’ in over 30 languages (see also Encoding an HTML Document for Multiple Languages article.)

Character Count Tool to Test Length of a String Online, Count the Number of Characters

Word Count Tool to Find the Number of Words in a Block Of Text Online, Count the Number of Words

Programs and Programming

Encryptor – A tool I developed in Visual C++ 7 as a student. It scambles and unscrambles files. The application is safe and free from viruses (MD5 Checksum 605cc28a346dc56193cc77c0c72d5a00) the password to run it is: “1006461248″. (It used to be top secret!)

Rogers Room is a 3D Windows application demo I wrote in C++ a while ago, demonstrating the basics of 3D computer game programming.

The Insult Factory A silly mess around using a set of rules to string insulting sentences together, based on code written in 1997, updated as a Win32 binary. The names / verbs are editable as textfiles

Programming and Development Articles

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Dynamic CSS Stylesheets Using PHP – A Practical, Working Example Using Cookies To Store CSS Settings

PHP CSS Files – Dynamic CSS, Using PHP in Stylesheets By Using The AddHandler and AddType Directive in the .htaccess File

Intelligent SPAM Protection for Wordpress, Identifying Spam email Addresses, Confusing Spambots in phpBB 3 by Redirecting to a Web Page of Infinite Size

PHP Script to Export SQL Data As a CSV File, Import CSV File Into An SQL Database

Encoding an HTML Document for Multiple Languages, Unicode UTF-8 charset, Maximum Compatibility with Asian Languages, Browsers, Hello in 30 Languages

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