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Why the British Government Should Apologise for the Treatment of Alan Turing

Last week, much has been written of John Graham-Cumming and his petition to secure an apology from the British Government for the way Alan Turning was treated during his lifetime.
For those who only know Alan Turning through computer science history books, he was the Manchester based mathematician and computer scientist who helped break the Germans [...]

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Overview Part I – Importance of Heuristics and Teaching Machines To Think

Shortly after his arrest in 1952, a broken Alan Turing wrote to his friend, Norman Routledge:
“Turing believes machines think
Turing lies with men
Therefore machines do not think”
Fortunately, history did not let any of the (prejudiced) controversy surrounding his personal life, invalidate any of his work. But this was not the symbolic logic of a mathematical mind, [...]


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