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What is Dark Internet, How to Access Onion Domains and Configure Hosting for the Dark Web

What if I said there was Internet beyond what you can normally ’see’? Like dark matter, or the memory of a half-remembered dream, it lies just outside of perception, hidden beneath the sea of information. It is estimated that the Dark Web is several orders of magnitude larger than the surface of the Web. [...]

Protecting the Anonymity of the Dissident Blogger, How To Exercise Your Right to Blog Freely Outside Government Control

In the light of recent events it has become necessary for me to write a brief piece on how to exercise your online civil rights to free speech on the Internet without fear of prosecution. This blog post will show you techniques bloggers can use to achieve greater levels of anonymity, become more aware of the role of social media plays and avoid being identified.

The ACS:Law Disaster – The Digital Economy Act and the Greater Struggle for Intellectual Freedom…

The ACS Law disaster shows how powerless our government is to enforce the Digital Economy Act, while protecting Internet users private information. But do the actions taken by BT and Sky Broadband, who now face legal action, pose a threat to intellectual freedom? Roger Davies demonstrates how Wikileaks and freedom of speech are all under attack and the ACS Law fiasco is only one of the latest flashpoints.

The UK Digital Economy Bill and How The Government Will Fail

Friends, Bloggers, farbutamol – image 7 Tweeple… Lend me your eyes!
This week the Internet community was outraged by a UK government attempt to sneak new Internet legislation through parliament. The two hour debate made a mockery of our political process, akin to a computer hacker exploiting a security flaw in a computer system.
The new [...]

The Evolution and Conflict of Ideas – Web 2.0, User Experience and the Future of The Internet

The Evolution of The Internet – Evolution & Conflict of Ideas
I recall with fondness buying my first 14.4Kbps modem in the early 90’s and using my fathers Compuserve account to run up massive bills speaking to random strangers from across the globe in chat rooms. What a neat experience! But the Internet was [...]


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