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Roger Davies

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General Interests

Roger Davies does home winemaking enjoys web development and sharing programming ideas and writing articles about exciting technical stuff. Roger Davies also writes his social observations which occasionally decend into a rant about politics now and again. (Though often with good reason!)

Roger Davies also experiments with amateur music production, mostly with Ableton, although historically he has used tools such as Fasttracker, modtracker and other trackers for the Amiga and similar machines. In fact, Roger Davies loves anything retro, and has a whole section dedicated to retro games reviews for the classic Atari, Amiga, Commador and PC games.

Roger Davies also enjoys manga, anime and Japanese culture and language...

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UK Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas Multiplayer Server (SAMP) by Roger Davies Goes Online at rogerdavies.org.uk

New UK Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas Multiplayer Server by Roger Davies
Well, I’m pleased to announce that after replacing a duff router, I’ve finally setup and host a UK GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Server (SAMP) at rogerdavies.org.uk which has live status updates on the server, a forum for discussion on any problems, suggestions or [...]

PHP Script to Export SQL Data As a CSV File, Import CSV File Into An SQL Database

Here is a bit of PHP scripting hocus pocus that will be very useful to some people and very useless to the vast majority. I wrote it before realising that what I wanted to do could be more easily done from phpMyAdmin, but think it still may benefit someone.
Browse Table Structures, Export SQL Data [...]

Warning: Homophobic Bigotry Causes Stupidity!

Rev. Peter Mullen, Homophobia and Suicide of Those Too Vulnerable To Defend Themselves
Okay, so it’s time for something different. As if by design, homosexuality seems to keep pushing it’s way into the news! Rev. Peter Mullen helpfully suggested that gay men should have their backsides tattooed with “Sodomy can seriously damage your health”. [...]


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